Caring for your vehicle

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Thank you for choosing Crash Champions! We take immense pride in the fact you have trusted us with your repair. Now that you are back on the road, we want to ensure your fresh coat of paint continues looking like new. 

Our team of certified professionals recommends the following steps to extend the life of your finish: 

First 30 Days

  • Don’t use commercial car washes. While it’s easy, those stiff brushes or sponges will hurt your brand-new finish. 
  • Don’t wash your car in the sun. Clean it in the shade, by hand, with cool water, mild soap and a soft cloth. 
  • Don’t drive on gravel roads. Those small rocks can have a big impact on your beautiful finish.
  • Don’t park your vehicle outside in extreme cold or heat. 
  • Don’t park under trees that might drop sap. Tree sap can easily mark a freshly painted surface.
  • Don’t park under trees. Rinse bird droppings off the paint surface as quickly as possible. 
  • Don’t park near factories that produce heavy smoke. Soot in the air can be just as bad as those birds.
  • Don’t spill gasoline, oil, antifreeze or any other fluids on your paint. If you do, immediately rinse it with water and let it air-dry.
  • Don’t scrape ice or snow off of freshly painted surfaces. Stick to cleaning the windows and let it thaw off naturally.
  • Don’t dry-wipe or dust the vehicle. Use only clean, cool water.

First 90 Days

  • Don’t polish or wax your car. It’s important to allow the finish to cure completely before using a polish or wax product. 

We want your vehicle looking like new for a long time to come, and with these tips, it will.

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